Cisterna is an art gallery in Chiado, Lisbon.

Located in a delicately restored and repurposed water cistern room from the XVII Century, the architecture of the gallery with its vaulted ceiling was the main inspiration for the branding.
One of the requirements of the briefing was having the main logo handwritten and this was also our biggest challenge - to bring together two different languages and visual expressions. Cisterna gallery is all about articulating the symbiosis between time and space. And the handwritten logo (time) together with the cistern symbol (space) ultimately represented this symbiosis.

The cistern itself inspired the branding, and then the branding inspired some of the equipment design. The symbol became part of the front door and is actually the first thing you see (and touch) once you get to Cisterna.

The custom handwritten lettering was designed in-house.

Architecture project by Joana Weber.

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