Melany Diamonds &Co

Melany Diamonds &Co is a diamond cutting factory but, most of all, it represents a legacy.

Melany Diamonds &Co represents the diamond cutting industry, but will also serve to preserve and honor the memory of a loved one.

It would be impossible to think about this brand without considering its raw material - the diamond. For the development of the graphic identity, the robust delicacy of the diamond was emphasized. The cutting process was not forgotten, being present in the graphic and straight lines of the high contrast typography. There is a balance between vibrant tones and softer tones. A vibrant, intense, saturated blue brings luminosity. The nude tone brings the maternal, and welcoming side, and aims to represent the matriarch that gives name to the brand.
The graphic elements that complement the brand represent all the dimensions of the diamond - the cut, the shine, the color (or lack thereof). The repetition of lines makes it possible to create spots of light in two-dimensional compositions and unfold the various precise cuts that, in the cutting process, transform a rough stone into a diamond. The compositions aim to give texture to the brand, allowing it to develop different images just from geometric elements.

Melany Diamonds &Co does not follow the conventional parameters of an overly formal brand, having been designed to succeed in international markets.

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