Palácio Ludovice

Palácio Ludovice is a wine experience hotel in Lisbon.

To create the brand identity for Palácio Ludovice meant that we needed to honour its past and architect. The hotel’s project itself greatly respects this historical past - from the original layout of the building to the connection to wine by the return of the Solar do Vinho do Porto to the premises. 

We wanted to create a modern brand identity with a classical sensibility. Finding inspiration in the complexity of Port wine bottle labels also helped create a visual system that offers an integrated brand experience. Drawing inspiration from the 18th-century typography, we designed the main font in-house, which made it possible to customize the details - from the delicate serifs to the teardrop endings. In a non-traditional exercise, and due to the complexity we usually find in these labels, we ended up creating a variety of elements that may be used separately. Including the stylized monogram of Arch João Frederico Ludovice. Honouring his background in jewellery, we chose to give primacy to this element in the use of golden accents - which also adds a touch of elegance and distinction.

For the main colors, we went for a deep royal blue with a hint of emerald, and a light, airy olive green. As accent colors, the choice fell on a scarlet red - typically representative of the nobility.

This proposal ended up not being selected. All 3D images of the hotel are property of MCM Architecture & Design.

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