Quinta da Comporta

Quinta da Comporta is a wellness boutique resort - a place where authenticity is considered a luxury that remains timeless.

Inspired by Comporta, the beach, the seagulls and the rice fields this branding was designed in collaboration with architect and project author Miguel Câncio Martins as well as French designer Thomas Herbin. Quinta da Comporta is a unique project on its own. We wanted the whole design, from the press kit to the resort’s collateral, to reflect its uniqueness - where the luxury is understated and raw beauty is tangible.

The lettering was inspired by the traditional Comporta houses and the symbol, designed by Miguel Câncio Martins and Thomas Herbin perfectly incorporates a monogram with a seagull. Besides working with the color scheme - the intense dark green, a fresh mint green, and the warm sand - we also wanted to mix textures. There’s a shimmery copper, cotton-based paper, fabric and the always amazing Tyvek with its rice paper-like texture. All of this is meant to appeal to the senses, just as the whole resort’s experience.

Resort images by ©Fréderic Ducout, Photography

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