SA&V Nothing Less

Sa Aranha & Vasconcelos is an architecture and interior design studio.

Nothing Less is Sa Aranha & Vasconcelos' new signature candle. Honouring their commitment to detail as well as to each of their projects, Nothing Less has also become the brand's tagline.

As a scent, Nothing Less is a sensory experience - from the "ravishing black pepper" to the "sweetness of the fig", together with the "strength of Virginia cedar". For the brand as well as the packaging, we knew we had to explore the same kind of sensory experience. And you can feel it in every part of the project: the sophisticated typography, the explosion of deep red balanced by the warm sandy nude, the touch of the silk ribbon and the surprising box that unveils the matte candle. A thorough combination of solid colours helps the flawless, consistent branding.

Every detail mattered for the ultimate luxury experience. Nothing Less.

Project by Francisca Aranha and photography by 186 studio

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