Wellow™ Group

Wellow™ Group is a group of companies dedicated to providing global solutions for Human Resources, Outsourcing, Energy & Telecommunications and Mediation services.

Since the launch of the Talenter™ brand, whose branding (and, in 2018, rebranding) was signed by the agency Ivity Brand Corp, we have been creating a partnership for the development of the company's collateral graphic design. We now work with seven brands that are part of the group as one of our brand curation clients. We help reinforce the DNA and values of each brand, as well as implement a communication model for both an internal and external audience.

In addition to the recurring communication pieces, we develop specific campaigns for the different segments of the company as well as pieces for special events such as the Happy Holidays’ postcard and video. From digital platforms to the most diverse printed pieces, we cover the entire spectrum of communication pieces that Wellow™ Group needs to reinforce its positioning.


Wellow™ and Knower™ branding by Noon Agency. Talenter™ branding by Ivity Corp. Knower™ interior design project by Paula Arez Idassdesign.

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